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5G is a spiritual journey that Harvest Bible Chapel began in 2011. Today we are continuing to press on toward our goal of becoming 5G disciples who live for the glory of God by faith in Jesus Christ.

So what does that mean for you?

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    LIFE IN 5G

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    ThuThursdayDecDecember8th2011 5G Provision
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    The projects are being planned and the stories are coming in! God is already at work, providing for His people and glorifying His name on our campuses through the 5G campaign. Here is one we're excited to share with you. Hi Pastor Dave: At Harvest we talk a lot about the Lord providing and we've heard some great stories...I need to confess that while I certainly believed all the stories I've heard I've often thought "well that just happens to other people"...ok - I was so wrong and God is... More
    MonMondayNovNovember14th2011 5G Celebration
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    THIS IS WHAT 5G LOOKS LIKE. Watch and celebrate!
    ThuThursdayNovNovember3rd2011 Commitment Weekend | Nov 5-6
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    Loved Ones, Glorifying. Growing. Gracious. Generous. Grateful. As we enter the final days of our 5G Personal Study, I want to remind you that this is really the beginning—not the end. Are these characteristics becoming increasingly true in our lives? This is how we measure what a follower of Jesus Christ looks like, not perfectly, but increasingly. This weekend, November 5-6, is our Commitment Weekend. When you come to church, we will be asking everyone who calls Harvest their church home... More
    SunSundayOctOctober30th2011 Beyond Our Walls: Harvest Christian Academies in Liberia
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    For roughly fourteen years prior to 2004, Liberia was in and out of horrific civil war. The fallout from this terrible unrest is still trickling down through the generations. Fifty percent of the country’s population is less than fifteen years old due to widespread genocide—read that again. These children have endured endless fighting, malnutrition, orphanages, and lack of basic necessities such as water and education. Longing to begin the process of rebuilding his devastated... More
    MonMondayOctOctober24th2011 From Pastor James
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    Loved Ones, Hey, how’s the 5G Personal Study going for you so far? Do you see God making you more glorifying, growing, gracious, generous, and grateful? It is a process, but I want to encourage you to continue the journey, as Kathy and I are, by God’s grace and in God’s strength. Are you also going through the 5G Prayer Guide? As a church that believes firmly in the power of prayer, this is a great resource for us to be praying through together. I believe that God can and will... More
    LIFE IN 5Gby 5G is what an authentic disciple of Jesus Christ looks like. It is engaging in an ongoing process that will transform us into a body that is fully engaged in God's eternal purposes.

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